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Health for Dad & Mom

Tips on Health

What it means for our bodies to function optimally. With multiple family and friends being tested for allergies and intolerances, experiencing the weight yo-yo, various illnesses and disease, and living in a constant state of inflammation – this has become the ‘normal’ state for the body. But what if we started to become aware of what is happening in our bodies, tune into how we feel and when we feel things; take notice of our energy levels, aches and pains that we’ve come to tolerate, eating habits, and the most embarrassing… bowel movements!

In the years of schooling, reading books, attending presentations, internet searches, talking to friends, colleagues, and health practitioners – I have learned that one of the BEST things we can do for our bodies, after we start to recognize our own state of wellness, is to DETOX. Cleanse and eliminate the years of built up toxins from the body – and make space for health and healing!

What are Toxins?

Poisons, regardless of origin or method of production; biotoxins, environmental toxins, emotional toxins, which have negative effects on the body.

Examples of toxic source: the air we breathe, food and water we ingest (processed foods: chemicals, colourants, flavours; alcohol; caffeine), smoking, pollution, medication, as well as Stress – which manifests into emotionally produced toxins.

Toxic build up can: cause illness and disease, depression, weight gain, acne, chronic fatigue, headaches and migraines, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure – and these are just a few things; as toxicity creates imbalance in the body and has a ripple effect.

Therefore actively assisting our bodies in a healthy detox, is a safe way to support the elimination of toxic build up.

Detoxing organs, fat cells, and the COLON can be the start of a HEALTHY BODY and HEALTHY LIFE!

Ideas for holistic Detox: eliminate unhealthy processed foods from the diet and introduce nutrient rich and whole food sources, exercise, use safe herbal or homeopathic support, hydro-colon cleanse, Ion foot baths, reflexology, acupressure or acupuncture, massage, DRINK LOTS OF WATER, consciously live more healthy – one choice at a time!!…. and these are just some ideas.