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Do Parents Influence Children’s Ambitions?

Children often aspire to become like their parents, in one way or another. From their infancy until their teenage years and sometimes even later, they are strongly influenced and guided by their parents. They admire their seniors and strive to please them, as well as to be accepted by them. This interaction essentially determines not only their personality, opinions and beliefs, but also their ambitions. Parents define their children to such an extent that they ultimately become catalytic role models shaping their little ones’ dreams and aspirations

Unresolved Parent Ambitions

Often, parents will subconsciously use this influence and power over their children to fulfill their own unresolved ambitions. This can in some cases push the child towards an area where he will succeed and find his purpose. In other cases, however, it might prevent him from exploring other fields and discovering a great talent somewhere different. The parent’s unfulfilled desires can encourage the child’s talent or suppress his potential.

Child Desires

Understanding the child’s desires and offering plenty of incentives that will allow him to find his purpose, is crucial. Children need to shape their own ambitions and parents play a chief role in allowing this to happen. They have to allow space for and give value to their child’s talents, inclinations and taste. They need to put their own aspirations aside and encourage their child to choose his own path, taking him to a place where he can grow, build his own personality and effectively shape his own being.

The Importance of Confidence

The child will only be able to express himself and achieve his full potential in his chosen field, if he is able to build up confidence. Parents again play a vital part in encouraging their child to become confident and strong, through recognizing the importance of his desires and the weight of his goals. Instead of stressing their own wishes regarding the child’s future, parents should encourage their little one to develop his own personality and stay true to his personal aspirations.

A Joined Effort

Although parents will always undeniably influence their children’s ambitions, they should allow space for their child’s own desires and personality to shine through. They should offer multiple incentives as well as carry out research that will give the child the chance to determine the fields that he has a talent or inclination for. Setting objectives and goals for the child’s future needs to be a team endeavour, constantly adjustable and respectable of both sides.


Article by Angeliki Coconi, Demand Media